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TypeWordPress Plugin (Original Zip File, Not Nulled)
NameWooCommerce Memberships v1.21.4 Free Download
Version1.21.4 (Latest Version)
Update09 March, 2021
Sales Page/ DemoWooCommerce Memberships Sales Page/Demo
CategoryWooCommerce Extension WordPress Plugin
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WooCommerce Memberships is not just another plugin for restricting your site’s content. It is an easy-to-use, site-wide membership solution that brings your content, shop, and memberships together.

WooCommerce Memberships allow you to create a complete membership system that is seamlessly linked to your store.

You can restrict your content to members, but you can also “drip” that content over time to schedule when members have access. Sell access to memberships, include memberships with product purchases, manually assign memberships, and completely integrate member perks within your store.

WooCommerce Memberships Features: –
Assign or Sell Memberships
WooCommerce Memberships
is not a specific type of WooCommerce product; instead, membership plans are created independently of the products. This allows you to determine how access is granted for maximum flexibility. You can assign 0 or more products (of almost any type) to a membership plan to support multiple types of memberships:

  • sell a membership as a standalone product – create a membership product and then link the plan to that product to sell it
  • Grant access to membership as part of a product purchase – that is, purchase a meal box subscription, access the recipes section for free
  • grant access to the same subscription from multiple products (i.e. an annual purchase or a monthly subscription)
  • assign memberships manually for an invite-only members area.
Strategically Grant Content Access
You put a lot of work into your member-only content, so memberships allow you to plan when your members should have access to it. You can retrieve content, which means you can plan when members should have access to your content. For example, you can require that customers be members for a week before they can access certain publications or pages.

Turn Your Store into a Purchasing Club
WooCommerce Memberships allows you to create member-only products so that your site can become a buying club, or allow you to offer certain products exclusively to members.

You can restrict the viewing of products to members, which means that these products will be hidden from non-members in your shop. You can also restrict purchases, which means the products are public, but only members can buy them.

Offer Better Shipping Options to Members
Members must be your most loyal customers, so giving them benefits that encourage them to buy from you repeatedly keeps them coming back for more. Membership extends your free delivery settings so that you can offer free delivery directly to your members, while requiring non-members to meet other criteria (such as having a coupon or minimum order amount).

Reward Members with Special Discounts
Since you may want to offer your members certain benefits, you can offer member discounts for all products, products, or categories of products.

Automatically Show Members Their Perks
While member management should be easy for you, it should be easy for your members as well. Members can find all the information they need on their membership in the member area. Members can access the area for any membership from the “My Account” page by clicking on “View”.

Import or Export Members
You have many tools to manage members in WooCommerce, but you can also connect to other services, such as importing a list of members into an email tool. Memberships allow you to export members to a CSV file so you can extract member data from WooCommerce and other tools.

Simplify Communication with Members
When you manage a membership site, you spend a lot of time on customer service and member management. We have tried to make this as simple as possible with memberships. We have added “Membership Notes” so you can keep track of a client’s membership information, add your own notes for reference, and even easily communicate with a particular member by sharing a note with them via e- mail.

Memberships + Subscriptions
WooCommerce Memberships is fully functional as a standalone membership solution, but it works great with the most advanced recurring e-commerce payment solution available: WooCommerce subscriptions.

When both plugins are active, subscriptions can take advantage of certain subscription features to give you more flexibility on billing for subscriptions.

Selling Memberships to Companies or Groups
Need to sell memberships to teams, companies or groups? Discover the Teams for WooCommerce Memberships extension (purchased separately). This plugin is in addition to WooCommerce subscriptions, allowing you to sell access to a group of users rather than an individual.

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