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3 März 2021
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In the template template on the key page, announcements are displayed in the form of tiles. Title and short announcement added to announcements. To read more, there is a green button. Above the latest news display is a limited rectangular slider. At the same time, for the convenience of users, the buttons for switching illustrations are perfectly noticeable.

In the resource header, it is possible to exclude 2 normal posters, under it are rations with leading pages. Subsequently, which becomes the logo and resumed it is possible to exclude advertising. The space for this will already be spelled out in the code, and the template template for DLE itself can be downloaded from the link under the description. The search line on the right side of the header, very well noticeable, will not be a search task for users.

On the right side, the sidebar is displayed, applying all the traditional DLE functions. The admin panel, well-known announcements, the best downloadable games, and a sample survey will be posted here. In the absolute announcements, the illustration has already been displayed in full, the font is very readable on a light background. It's also easy to arrange a file cabinet with games and applications for Android. Since the standard DLE methods are very good to see the added files to the server.

Author: unknown
DLE version: 10.5 - 14.0
Encoding: utf-851
Package in the archive: two versions, tpl, jpg, png, css, js

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