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22 Juni 2011
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Hey, everyone!

So I'm updating the topic for my theme "Facebook Innovated" because the mods and admins can't be bothered to lift a finger.
I repeatedly asked them to replace the BB code with a pre-written message that would fix all the broken images and links, but they repeatedly ignored me.
So I will be discontinuing the old topic and starting this one.

I went ahead and set some more recent example pictures and changed the download link to a mediafire folder which will display all my theme revisions and any new ones I may upload later.

I had to remove any version prior to Facebook Innovated 1.2.1 as the older versions had referenced to my website. This caused many people to find and register on my website to test the theme, which is NOT okay. My website is not a test website; I designed the theme for my website, but I am sharing it with everyone else who wanted it.

Here's the original concept image:
(Note: This is not the theme; this is just the image I based the theme on.)

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