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1 Oktober 2021
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XFOptimize speeds up your Xenforo forum and delivers pages faster thanks to its powerful minimization, pre-connection, and preload capabilities. By optimizing the page loading process, you can save valuable time and improve your page speed rating through Google or other services.


Minimize and compress HTML, inline CSS, and JS
Change attached images in full size into appealing smaller copies for mobile devices!
Preconnect external resources to reduce page load blocking
Preload important resources such as images, CSS or JS
Preload Xenforo core resources
Automatic or manual settings for various functions
Deep intelligent detection of page source assets


XFOptimize bundles powerful minimization libraries to remove spaces, HTML comments, CSS, and JS comments from your page source. By compressing your HTML, you can deliver smaller page files to your visitor's browser.

Customizing Xenforo minification features such as:

Choose between TinyMinify or HTMLMinifier libraries
Low, medium, and high whitespace compression
Remove HTML comments
Remove inline CSS comments
Move inline style tags to the page header
Combine inline style tags
Remove JS comments
Minimize script tags
Move all script tags to the footer
Combine all script tags into a single tag
Select which elements to ignore, e.B. pre, code, and textarea


You've probably seen all those annoying files that need to be loaded when you access your forum. All these small files from Javascript libraries, external images, analysis scripts or font files prolong the loading of your page by prompting your browser to find the domain names in which they are stored.

If your page fonts and needs to load a Javascript file from, these domain lookups cause a so-called "blocking" of your page's loading, where further loads cannot be completed before these tasks are complete.

XFOptimize "connects" to these domains in advance, so they happen along with the loading of the rest of your page. In addition, XFOptimize can automatically scan your entire page and pre-connect external resources. Set and forget? That's the idea here!


Another extremely powerful feature is the ability to preload resources for your page. You've probably heard of "above-the-fold" content, which is the area your visitor sees without having to scroll down. XFOptimize can preload large assets such as extensive Javascript or CSS libraries, images, or even media and make them available earlier. This will allow your page to render faster and improve the rating such as Google Core Web Vitals or Lighthouse metrics.

Plus, faster loading means less waiting time for your visitors!

In addition, XFOptimize offers three preload methods:

Manual: Control which assets or images are preloaded by adding the data-preload="true" attribute to your HTML template
Posts only: Preload the first attachments from forum posts
Priority: XFOptimize's most powerful tool, Priority Mode, intelligently selects important content, e.B. early attachment images of posts, embedded images on Resource Manager pages, full-size Xenforo Media Gallery images, and more. With support for other popular Xenforo addons like DragonByte eCommerce, the priority feature is set to grow over time through feedback.


XFOptimize has big ambitions to improve the speed and loading of Xenforo, with many more features to be implemented. Early adopters who purchase XFOptimize will receive the introductory price. As XFOptimize increases in features and improvements, the price is likely to rise.

Due to likely frequent updates and feature changes, the introductory price is aimed at users who participate in the beta development process.


General FAQ

Q: Where can I find the settings? What do I do after installation?
A: Just go to Admin -> Options -> [Nulumia] XFOptimize for all the different settings. Each group is marked with a different heading, i.e. Minifation, Preload, Preconnect etc

Q: Is minification safe? Can it damage my website?
A: Minimization, including most advanced settings in the addon, is disabled by default. You can enable them from the settings page mentioned above.

Each Xenforo site is different, with many variables such as the style you use or the number of add-ons installed. Although the minimization system has been extensively tested on several large websites with many add-ons, there is a chance that some of the minimization features on your site will not work well. However, for this reason, XFOptimize allows you to customize the minimizer so that you can enable or disable the settings to work best for you.

Q: What is the "Exchange attachments with thumbnails on mobile devices" setting?
A: On mobile devices, full-size attachments are replaced by the thumbnail of the attachments by using the srcset property. This greatly speeds up the delivery of images by providing smaller copies.

Depending on the settings of your thumbnail size, this should be much closer to the typical screen size of mobile devices and can significantly save bandwidth instead of displaying full images. Visitors can still see the image in full resolution by tapping to trigger the lightbox popup.

Note for advanced users: If your thumbnails are very small, they may appear in poor quality when using this setting. You can consider changing the thumbnails of the attachments to match the responsiveNarrow property of your style (recommended: 480 pixels). This then requires re-creating thumbnails of the attachments, which consumes server resources, especially on boards with a large number of attachments.

Q: Can/should I still use this with Cloudflare?
A: Yes, XFOptimize was developed and tested on several large websites running Cloudflare CDN

Q: Will this addon make my page faster?
A: Obviously, everyone will want to know the answer to this question. It is important to note that XFOptimize is not a substitute for a clean, lean and efficient website. This includes the problem of bloated styles, chaotic addons, or even custom development that adds too much clutter.

XFOptimize helps streamline things and make them as efficient as possible – but can't magically fix website bloating if your website is actually bloated.

That being said, XFOptimize has been running and tested for some time on several large websites that use many large addons and custom systems. The addon was originally designed to bring the Google Core Web Vitals and Lighthouse scores for these sites as close as possible to 100/100, and so far it is still being used with great success!

Q: I'm using the addon, but my Lighthouse or GTMetrix scores are still low. What is there?
A: There is probably a clear problem that is slowing down your website. You should take time to learn how to read the reports for these types of services and identify the guilty problems.

The most common causes of slowdown and poor results for Xenforo forums (which XFOptimize cannot fix) are:

Poorly developed styles
Too many addons
Allow attachments that are too large on your website - e.B. 1600px+. Threads, especially with lots of large full attachments, have the biggest impact on your forums.
Too many javascript libraries (think Google Adsense, tracking codes, Facebook pixels, these send Jquery bundles, etc.)
Perform more Google font variations you really need
Have a slow or shared server (recognizable by a long TTFB or "time to first byte")
Problems with CLS (Content Layout Shift) or LCP (Largest Contentful Paint). These probably also have to do with your style, CSS or addons

Minimization FAQs

Q: Which minimization method is better?
A: If possible, the HTMLMinifier method is recommended over TinyMinify. While HTMLMinifier is slightly more likely to encounter problems minimizing your pages, it offers much more power and features. You should try to run HTMLMinifier and enable as many settings as possible while checking your front end for problems.

Q: I'm running the Minifier and I see error /my forum is not behaving properly. What was I to do?
A: First, any issues that may occur due to the minimizer are temporary and can be fixed immediately by disabling minimization. However, you should disable any setting in HTMLMinifier until you run out of problems. Again, this depends on the style or addons you are using on a case-by-case basis.

Q: Are some minimization settings more likely to cause errors? Which are the best?
A: Each setting under HTMLMinify indicates whether it is low, medium, or high risk. The most likely settings that cause problems are those such as minimizing the content of <script> tags, or combining all <script> tags into one. You should thoroughly check your front end for problems when using any of these settings and disable them if you encounter errors.

Q: How do I know that the Minify is working?
A: Before enabling minimization, right-click anywhere on your site and select Show Page Source. As many hundreds of lines of HTML code as possible should appear.

After enabling, select Redisplay Page Source. Your page source should now consist of only a single line of code!

Preconnection FAQs

Q: Preconnect page resources? I don't know what's going on on my site! Sounds complicated.
A: No, by simply setting Preconnect to "Automatic Detection", XFOptimize takes care of everything for you! Automatic preconnection occurs after everything on your Xenforo page has been rendered from your templates, which is the final output of the page. This means that XFOptimize captures virtually everything that has been added through addons, template customizations, template modifications, and dynamic code!

Q: What kind of things are connected in advance?
A: All types of assets that come from an external domain or website are detected and loaded into the preconnect queue. This includes font files, media, images, scripts, CSS libraries, gravatars, and more.

Q: I would like to have more control over what is connected in advance. Can I do it myself?
A: Although we rely on XFOptimize to get the job done, you can disable automatic detection and set the "Global Preconnect Resources" option either in Admin -> -> [Nulumia] XFOptimize options or set pre-connection URLs for a specific style based in style properties!

Preload FAQs

Q: Which of the three preload modes should I use?
A: Priority mode is recommended unless you have a reason to choose either Manual or Posts Only. Priority preloads important assets on many other page types and sections, but also includes manuals and posts!

Q: How do I use the manual preload method?
A: Manual preloading can be set by adding the data-preload="true" attribute to either the <img> or <script> tags themselves or to their container elements. Keep in mind that you can (and should) use the manual method while priority mode is enabled! This is because priority mode can't always guess what custom assets you might be using that you think should be preloaded.

Let's take a look at the manual method:

To add the attribute to an image tag:

<img src="image.jpg" data-preload="true">
Just paste the attribute from the example above into your templates, and XFOptimize will recognize the image and preload it! But what if we have multiple assets in a container element, e.B. a <div> that we want to preload? We can simply put the attribute on the container element:

<div class="block">
    <div class="block-container">
        <div class="block-row block-body" data-preload="true">
            <img src="image1.jpg">
            <img src="image2.jpg">
            <img src="funny-cat.jpg">
XFOptimize finds and recognizes the images and preloads them. It's that simple!

Q: But... what about more complex things, like background images of inline styles?
A: Yes! XFOptimize also finds them, e.B. from style="background-image: url('image1.jpg');"

Q: Seriously?
A: Yes, XFOptimize parses the HTML code and grabs these images as well. The current limitation is that XFOptimize cannot yet preload assets set in core or custom .less templates in Xenforo, such as .B. extra.less or core.less.

The manual method aims to target custom content such as page nodes, HTML widgets, or other content that uses Xenforo template syntax.


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1 Oktober 2021
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Update 1.0.1 Release Candidate 2 Änderungsprotokoll

  • Neue Funktion hinzugefügt, um den ersten Post-Anhang nicht faul zu laden (jetzt von Page Speed Insights & GTMetrix empfohlen)
  • Zahlreiche Verbesserungen an Vorlagenänderungen vorgenommen, um Konflikte mit Addons und Stilen von Drittanbietern zu vermeiden
  • Mehrere Search & Replace-Funktionen auf zuverlässigere REGEX verschoben
  • Verbesserte Effizienz einiger PHP-Handler
  • Es wurde ein Problem behoben, das sich auf den Kopf-/Titelbereich in der Benutzeroberfläche auswirken konnte. X
  • Es wurde ein Problem behoben, das dazu führen konnte, dass Preload- oder Preconnect-URLs im Head-Bereich bestimmter Designs nicht gerendert wurden
  • Etablierter Basiscode für zukünftiges gemeinsames UI- und Empfehlungssystem mit anderen Nulumia-Addons für ein zukünftiges Update
  • Mehrere wichtige Kompatibilitätskorrekturen mit [Nulumia] SEO & Index Tools hinzugefügt
  • Kompatibilitätskorrekturen für [Nulumia] Cloudflare-Bildgrößenänderung hinzugefügt
  • Kompatibilitätspatches für [XON] Lazy Image Loading hinzugefügt
  • Aktualisierte Optionsgruppenreihenfolge in der Admin-> Optionsliste, die unter [Nulumia] Addons alphabetisch sortiert werden soll

Dieses Update fügt mehrere kleine Verbesserungen, Konfliktbehebungen und eine höhere Effizienz für die PHP-Handler hinzu. Darüber hinaus ist über die Einstellungsseite eine neue Funktion verfügbar, um das Lazy Loading für das erste Post-Attachment-Bild (Above the fold / LCP) von Thread-Seiten zu deaktivieren.

Dies ist eine neue Empfehlung, die sowohl von GTMetrix als auch von Page Speed Insights gemeldet wurde und sich auf die Geschwindigkeitsbewertung auswirken kann. Daher wurde dieses Addon aktualisiert, um diese Metrik widerzuspiegeln.

Don't lazy load Largest Contentful Paint image | GTmetrix

Darüber hinaus wurden mehrere wichtige Kompatibilitätsprobleme für [Nulumia] SEO & Index Tools und [XON] Lazy Image Loading hinzugefügt.

Schließlich gibt es einige Optimierungen, damit XFOptimize Hand in Hand mit dem neuen [Nulumia] Cloudflare Image Resizing Addon arbeitet.

Neue Funktion zum Deaktivieren von LCP Lazy Load + Hinweis zum Deaktivieren des Wechselns mobiler Anhänge bei Verwendung der Cloudfare Image Ressorting:


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