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8 Januar 2019
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Simply create a free account on the following 7 below sites, write a detailed info about you, your business, drop your site link, it will be do-follow (make sure you give a nice detailed content about your business as it will be helpful to get indexed fast )

  1. Teespring
  2. twitch tv ( It is a streaming version of YouTube )
  3. Udemy ( you will need to have a free instructor account if you want to get a do-follow backlink from Udemy)
  4. Patreon
  5. Skillshare
  6. Blogger (Click on edit profile, fill in all your details, scroll down to additional introduction
In that introduction section write your details, drop your link there make sure it is a clickable link, if you don’t do this it will be a no follow, so please do like this <a href=”your website URL”>your name</a>, after that scroll down and save it, now your link will be do-follow

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