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5 Dezember 2012
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Expand your possibilities with a growing selection of unique Fusion Builder elements for the best-selling Avada theme

Gain access to a growing selection of elements by ArcticLune to use in your Fusion Builder pages, including Before/After, Reviews & Testimonials, Notification & Pop-up, with more coming soon. Future updates and new elements are included with your purchase!

Compatible with Avada's Fusion Builder - version 5.0 and above required

As with Avada v5, you must have PHP v5.3+ for this plugin to function correctly.

Ticket-based support and helpful documentation

This item comes with excellent support—we won’t leave you in the cold!

Features - Includes the Following Elements...
Before/After ElementReviews and Testimonials ElementNotification and Pop-up Element Visit our website for news on upcoming elements!View live demo

More Features - Mobile-friendly, Auto-updates, Flexible Design, Developer-friendly

*one-step registration required using a valid item purchase code

Improve your Avada websites with this value-packed set of unique and inspiring elements. Purchase the Fusion Builder/Avada Element Bundle from ArcticLune today!

For more details on what’s changed in each element, consult the included documentation file or changelog available from the WordPress plugins page.

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