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[XTR] Modal Popups


General Options
  • Enable or disable Modal Popups
  • Cookies option (Unit: Day)
  • You can set how many days cookies should be active.
  • When popup is enabled, you can enable or disable the overlay option to be displayed transparently on the background.
  • Customize the overlay background color.
  • Overlay direction types
    1. Ease
    2. Ease-in
    3. Ease-out
    4. Ease-in-out
  • Overlay speed control
  • Modal popups can be displayed only on the main page or selected forums.
General Modal Popup Types
  • Display any message
  • Display a coupon code
  • Display a promotional banner
  • Display a Youtube or Vimeo video
  • Display a login panel
With the above options you can offer a popup display with all functions adjustable for users who visit your website.

As much as possible, care has been taken to ensure that each option is manageable and user-friendly.

User Group Permissions

You can also easily set which user groups can view the Modal Popups add-on.
Just allow the user group permissions you want to show.

General Options


Message Box



When the message box option is enabled, you can show a welcome message to users who visit your website in a popup window.

Coupon Code


When the coupon code option is enabled, you can set up various coupon codes to increase the effectiveness of your website within a popup window to users who visit your website, allowing you to use the code to grant the required permissions to the groups of users you want to use.

You can use your coupon code with the countdown timer
When finished, you can automatically display a message that this coupon code is no longer valid.

Promo Banner



When the promotion banner option is enabled, you can display a banner in a popup and link to this banner. Optionally, you can open the link in the new tab or display it in the same page. In addition, you can easily adjust banner image width, height etc.

Video Box


When the Video Box option is enabled, you can easily display your Youtube and Vimeo videos in a popup on your page in a very simple way.

Youtube Video


Vimeo Video

All you need to do is enter the code of the video you want to view as in the example.
You can adjust other settings as desired.

Login Panel



Other Options
  • Popup Types
    1. Delayed (Immediately after the page is loaded, its duration can also be set in the popup delay time option..)
    2. Scrolled (Displayed by scrolling down the page. Popup is displayed after the specified pixel value. This pixel value can also be set in the ... scroll top distance field.)
    3. Exit (If this option is enabled, it will be activated when the user wants to leave the page or close the tab. Here you can set how many pixels the user should see when they want to exit the page ... exit top distance.)
  • Display Positions
With this option you can specify where you want to show the popup display on the page.

  • Transition Effects
You can select any of the 15 transition effects for the popup that opens. This will give you a cooler impression.


Mobile Compatibility

You can turn off popup impressions on mobile devices when the option for mobile devices is enabled.

In addition to all this, it has been developed as fully sensitive. You can also show them seamlessly on your mobile devices. And you can explore a lot more features.


Installation :
  1. Download and unzip
  2. Upload all files upload/src/addons/XENTR/ModalPopups
  3. Install the add-on via ACP
  4. Check to user group permissions.
  5. Enjoy it :)
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