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8 Januar 2019
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I want to share my scheme of working with article directories. I came to it myself by experience, but by the sickles it’s clear that I’m not the only one who uses it. :)

So - what is usually meant by “working with article directories”? Do you have a shop or a blog, for example, on the topic of weight loss. You order from copywriters or write a thematic article yourself, put a link to your blog or shop from the resource box, take a database of two or three thousand article directories, and add this article around.

Some previously do a mechanical rewrite - that is, the mass reproduction of their article using the appropriate software, for example - SEO Anchor Generator. The resulting multiplied articles, as well as titles, descriptions and resource boxes for them, are submitted randomly to the same two or three thousand article directories.

Another option is to order from copywriters 10 titles, 10 descriptions, 10 articles, and 10 resource boxes, and when submitting, mix it all up randomly. On this work is completed.

Then thousands of letters with the headings "article accepted" and "article declined" are dumped on the mail, and they will be dumped up to six months. Most of the directories in which you have added your article are most likely not to send you any letters at all, since the owners have long abandoned them.

In total, we get: out of 3,000 catalogs, 1,500 for one reason or another did not publish your article. Of the remaining 1,500, a good half are not indexed in any search engine. And the remaining 750 copies of your article, whether it is multiplied or not, will fall into supplemental and get PR = 0 or n / a. Some directories will hack or the owners will forget to renew the domain. And then, gradually, the articles will start to drop out of the index, in a couple of years, 200-300 pieces will remain from them at best.

So much for the "white advancement" :) The

advantages of article directories , which are discussed on every corner:

  1. Article directories are an opportunity to get a high-quality link to your website forever.
  2. Article directories - transmit a small trust.
  3. Your article will get to the tops on the bass and midrange, and some part of the traffic will go to your site through a link in the resource box.
  4. Your article will get into the tops on the bass and midrange, as a result we get a link from the trust thematic page, which is also located in the top of Google at our request.
  5. Over time, the article will receive a PR that will flow to our site.
And now - look just above the scheme of work of most webmasters, or people who offer the service of submitting articles on forums. As you can see, none of these points is fulfilled, well, except if by chance you're lucky.

A scheme that allows you to get all 5 points:

1. Choose the five to ten most trusted and most visited article directories. How to find them - for starters - here is a list from me:

ezinearticles.com PR 6, Alexa 171, age 118 months
buzzle.com PR 5, Alexa 1615, age 123 months
goarticles.com PR 6, Alexa 2234, age 108 months
articlealley.com PR 5, Alexa 4326, age 61 months
articledashboard. com PR 5, Alexa 4437, age 50 months
articlesfactory.com PR 4, Alexa 22463, age 58 months
submit-article.net PR 2, Alexa 185599, age 20 months

Next, you will replenish the list of catalogs that you will find in the tops during the analysis of issuance Google, and delete those that, with your working methods, will climb poorly into the top.

2. Determined with keywords. To do this, open in two browser tabs http://intop20.com/to view Google SERPs from the US IP and http://freekeywords.wordtracker.com/ to evaluate the approximate popularity of key queries.
Our shop sells diet pills, enter “weight loss” in the wordtracker, it gives us 9596 Searches - we need phrases that are lower frequency, for starters. We move below, "free weight loss plans" - 354 Searches, copy it to intop20, leave the checkmark only on Google, look. The number of pages found is 39,600,000, which is also a lot. "Best weight loss pills" - 129 for Word Tracker, 8,090,000 for Google.
I would advise to start with a 5M bar, and then gradually take keywords fatter and look at your results.

As a result, I chose the keyword vegan weight loss - 51 search for word tracker, 10.6M pages in Google. Why did I focus on this keyword:

  • It is easy to write good short articles on it
  • Pages on Google 10.6M - my bar is keywords with competition 8-12M
  • On the 6th line, on request, there is an article on ezinearticles.com, which indicates that articles from directories on this request go to the top
  • Go to the article - ezinearticles.com/?Perfect-Vegan-Weight-Loss-Diet&id=489066 and look at the very bottom, "This article has been viewed 19820 time (s) .
Article Submitted On: March 14, 2007 "- this indicates that the key request is not fake. It should be borne in mind that this article is in the tops for other requests, for example -" vegan weight loss diet ".

3. We knock on ICQ to the copywriter , and order 7 sets of title + description + article + pecyp c-box with the following conditions:
Our keyword ("vegan weight loss") must be mentioned in the title, in the description, in the article (several times) and in the resource box We put the link to the shop from the resource box through the “weight loss” anchor. Ideally, the link anchor should coincide simultaneously with the main keyword of the article, and with one of the keywords that we use to move our shop. But in this case this is unacceptable.

You can save money - find 7 small articles on this topic, and order a rewrite, only manual, and high-quality in terms of uniqueness.

We do not need super-high-quality content; detailed articles, too. The main thing is that the article is approved by the moderator, and that the requirements set forth earlier are met. The volume should be enough 1200-1500 characters with spaces for the article.

4. Log in to pre-registered accounts in each directory, and add articles. It is not necessary to register new accounts each time, the more articles our author will have, the better.

5. We are waiting for the articles to be uploaded and proceed to the most important thing - promoting articles to the tops.Since the catalogs we selected from the tops for other keywords, they (!!! :)) are bonus. In order to gain good positions in our keyword, you don’t really need to try hard. Here it’s - everyone’s much, the main thing is that the links are more or less high-quality, and do not disappear after a week.
I use the following algorithm:

1) Right after the article is uploaded, I run it with the help of special software for 100-120 social programs. This is necessary in order to "separate" our article from the crowd of copypaster who pull articles from catalogs via RSS. After the run, your article will be the "source", and its copies, stretched out by splogs, will go to Sapmental.
Usually at the first stage the article becomes in the TOP-30 upon request.
  1. In a week I’ll buy several hundred links to the article in the receivelinks.com link exchanger. The links there are not of the highest quality, but very cheap - for such articles - that’s it.
  2. If it makes sense, depending on the competitiveness of the request - I put a few PR links from my sites or from blog comments.
In general, everyone can use the methods that work for him.

6. That's all. What we got: if everything is done correctly, our articles will be distributed from 5-6th position to 30th at the request of "vegan weight loss", and in the next up - they will receive PR. A total of 7 links from PR, trust, thematic articles, which are also in the top according to our request relevant to our shop. From which visits will go.

And yet - if for example we promote a shop for "best hair loss pills", and our articles are tailored to this keyword, and, most importantly, the keyword is in the link to the shop, then with a high probability your shop will be in the top just above all these articles . That is, let's say the articles will be at 7, 9, 14, 19, 22, 25, 28 positions; and the shop, provided that it is not filtered, and optimized for this keyword, will be on the 4th-5th line.​

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