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18 April 2014
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Release Information

Perfect for when you want to attract new players and provide clothing, coins, mounts, level, and more ... With this module the promotion is automatic and 100% configurable. also has an anti abuse system.


- Fully configurable.
- Specify maximum days after registration may have to take promotion.
- Configure global maximum of promotions per day
- Specify the minimum level required to take promotion
- Automatic Management promotion welcome.
- Give predefined items to users without allowing abuse..
- Option to give: Gold, Honor, Mounts, Armor, Arena Points, Max Level.
- Safety system anti abuse.
- Option to teleport the player after receiving promotion.
- 100% cash for your server this creates many new players.
- Supports all emulators.
- Supports all versions of WoW.
- You can configure the error messages to your liking.

Bei Fragen oder Problemen einfach eine PM zukommen lassen und ich werde dann helfen.


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